Today we’re starting the open beta of Asterix & Friends

Listen up Gauls!

Today we’re starting the open beta of Asterix & Friends. To make sure the sky won’t fall down on your head, we have summed up all changes in one comprehensive overview.

For the open beta of Asterix & Friends we did not only question seers and druids, but did actively revise the game based on feedback from the community. An example would be the Roman patrols. One of the new features is a progress bar for resistance points as well as a matching bonus directly related to it.

By Teutates! Play and send us your feedback!


  • Decorations for Fishmarket and Travern provide more Sesterce
  • Final Pricing-model
  • Selling items provide significantly more Sesterce
  • Reward claiming (Only items are claimed out of message, which actually can be taken).
  • New roman helmet icon.
  • Roman legions spawn now less often. Players need to be at least level 3 before legions start spawning.
  • Legion health has been reduced significantly.
  • Legion strength is now a bit lower across the board.
  • Ressource cost for upgrading all buildings has been increased.
  • Storage buildings can now be upgraded more often up to storage space 95.
  • Storage buildings are now more important. At some point the player needs to upgrade them in order to perform other higher level building upgrades.
  • Sesterce cost of unlocking crafting recipes has been doubled. (Weapon unlock prices stayed the same)
  • Level layout changed, Lumberhut switched place with druid circle. Adjustments have been made to camp and patrol strength accordingly.
  • Fog effect implemented.
  • Fish and boar spawn time is now randomized within a set range.
  • Weapons strength bonus has been increased.
  • Most crafting recipes got a slight duration decrease.
  • Resistance points cost for training villagers have been slightly increased.
  • Base strength of blacksmith and fishmonger tweaked, additionally the Roman camp strength has been adjusted to ensure a smoother progression when destroying camps.
  • Resistance Bar implemented. Each Resistance Level gives an additional 2% Resistance points collecting buff against legions.
  • Lots of small bugfixes and polishing