End of Closed Beta

Thank you very much for participating in the Closed Beta of Asterix & Friends! As a reward for your hard-working assistance, we’ve packed a big bundle of prizes for you which will be delivered directly to your inventory as soon as the Open Beta starts.

1. from Level 15: 120 sesterces, 35 Roman Helmets, 15 Food, 25 Straw, 20 Wood, 15 Stones and one Basic Lance
2. from Level 25: 450 Sesterces, 180 Roman Helmets, 45 Food, 40 Straw, 40 Wood, 30 Stones and one Sword
3. from Level 35: 600 Sesterces, 250 Roman Helmets, 70 Food, 60 Straw, 60 Wood, 50 Stones and one Balanced Sword

Soon we are going to launch the Open Beta which will contain lots of exciting new features. Until the start of the Open Beta, you can contact us in the forum, on Facebook or G+ and get all the news at first hand.

Your Asterix & Friends Team