Summer Event Extension!

Dear Gauls!

At the request of many players, we’re extending the Summer Event by one week.
So you still have a little more time to collect blueberries, benefit from the shorter crafting times and work towards completing the achievements!

We hope you favour this decision :)
In a later announcement we will tell you the exact time of the end.

Your Asterix & Friends team

Idle Asterix – A fresh start

Dear Gauls!

Thanks to the feedback from our loyal testers, we were able to improve the game enormously during our test phases and also eliminate numerous bugs!
We’re also very excited to finally be able to release Idle Asterix in its entirety today!

In the course of these far-reaching changes, all existing accounts are now reset, so every player will have to start all over.
Unfortunately, there were bugs in the past which – although they have already been fixed by now – still affect many accounts.

On the one hand, the reset is necessary to prevent any repercussions of these earlier bugs.
This is the only way we can ensure that every player can play free of these issues.

On the other hand, many of you only know the game in a very unfinished version (depending on when and how much you played).
So we think it’s simply a better gaming experience to see Idle Asterix in its current state!

Players who have already invested real money in the shop will of course not be forgotten by us!

Anyone who has already invested real money in the shop will of course not be forgotten by us!
However, we will not only reimburse you for the Roman helmets you have already purchased, you will also receive a small bonus as a thank you! :)
Refunds only work after you’ve played the new save once.
This should normally be registered by us, but if there are any delays please contact

Thank you for staying with us this long! Enjoy the game!

Your gameXcite team

Idle Asterix – Release!

Dear Gauls!

Our little Dogmatix has been captured and needs to be rescued. The Romans must have gone mad! What are they up to?
Manage your own village in “Idle Asterix”, improve the economy, recruit well-known Gallic heroes and beat up a lot of Romans in the process!

We are happy to announce that Idle Asterix is ??fully released for Android users today!

You can find the game in the Playstore, enter “Idle Asterix” in the search bar or use the following link:

As part of this announcement, we would like to thank the numerous testers who gave their feedback to help us improve Idle Asterix!
If you have any comments or ideas about Idle Asterix, please use the “Idle Asterix” section on our Discord server:
You can also find the link on our website under “Community”.

Your gameXcite team

End of month sale

Dear Gauls,

we celebrate the end of the month with a sale!
Following items will be available in the market with a 30% discount:

> Thursday: Beetroot, Gemstone Dagger, Nordic Skull Necklace
> Friday: Gemstone Spear, Flax, Corsican Switchblade
> Saturday: Tomahawk, Rock Oil, Water Pict Trident

In addition, when you buy packages of 1800 or more Roman helmets, you receive 25% bonus helmets! This bonus does not apply to special offers.
As if this wasn’t enough, there is also a 30% discount on bags so that your inventory has enough space for your purchases!
The sale starts on Thursday at 5 pm (CEST) and ends on Sunday at 4:59 pm (CEST)!

Your Asterix & Friends Team

End of maintenance

Our servers are back online! Thank you for your patience!

The summer event starts NOW!

> Event-exclusive quests
– Most of them require blueberries, which drop when fighting patrols, legions, and other villages in the boxing ring as well as from straw fields and trees!
> Chance to complete event achievements by collecting blueberries
> Reduction of the crafting time of ALL brawl and legion weapons!
The amount of reduction depends on the upgrade level of your buildings
> Costs for swapping buildings are reduced to 0 sesterces, so take the chance and rearrange your buildings

Have fun!

Your Asterix & Friends team