Asterix & Friends Update 1 07/02/2013

This update will be released @ 07/02/2013 around 10am-12am CEST


  • New Roman Patrol assets implemented


  • New: Water animation
  • New: Resistance Level Rewards – whenever the player reaches a new Resistance Level, Rewards will be sent per mail. The higher the Level reached the better the reward.


  • New: 5 additional Pages available. Now 10 inventory pages in total. 2 Are unlocked from the start the rest can be purchased with Roman Helmets.
  • Change: Fishing grounds, Forests, fields and rocks have been adjusted to give a better gameplay feeling
  • Change: The amount of fresh fish you need in quests and training upgrades has been adjusted
  • Change: Resin starts to drop 3 levels earlier in the game, too increasing its availability
  • Change: The drop level of the following items has been increased: feather, crab, oyster, lobster, mistletoe
  • Change: Iron scraps drop has been adjusted. The chances vary for small, medium and big patrols.
  • Change: Legion Health has been reduced across the board, legion max strength has been reduced for all legions as well.
  • Change: Adjustments to the resistance bar features have been made. It is now slightly easier to reach the first two resistance levels.
  • Change: Patrols no longer block external buildings such as the Lumber Hut.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: inconsistent quest objective description for controlling the external farm
  • Fixed: display issue where the remaining upgrade time in the circle menu was cut off
  • Fixed: a number of minor text issues
  • Tweaked: villager spawn points so that no villager should be accidentally hidden behind a building anymore
  • Tweaked: the quest progression for a number of Blacksmith quests
  • Added: pop-up message when following other players via the mail or the top contributors window
  • Added: bonus description for weapons in crafting window
  • Changed: text for decoration slots for more clarity
  • Changed: ā€œusernameā€ to ā€œvillage nameā€ in the friends map search bar
  • Changed: legion defeat messages to display which village that legion was attacking
  • Extended: the top contributors legion attackers list to 5 player
  • Removed: patrol that would sometimes spawn in such a way that the external farm was blocked even though the Roman camp had been defeated

Known Issues

  • There is a small data migration issue manifesting in a incorrect resource harvesting display for fields, rocks and forests. The display will for example show 26/20 clicks available. Once the complete object is harvested and regrown the display is correct again.
  • Due to our changes of the fish amount for villager training it might happen that a in progress villager training upgrade might rest once the changes have been applied.
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome
  • Avatar positioning when mining stones from the north is not optimal, a part avatar’s foot is on top of the rock.
  • The quest Nice and Easy is currently very hard to complete due to a bug in the defeat legion objective. The objective only counts if the player is the one fighting the last battle defeating the legion. Correct would be contributing to the defeat of a legion.