FAQ on the migration

Dear Gauls,

In the course of the handover of Asterix & Friends from Deutsche Telekom AG to the developer, Sproing Publishing AG, we have compiled the following information and FAQ for you:

Why might you want to object?
In order to be able to hand over the operation of the game on May 27, 2014, to Sproing Publishing GmbH, we also need to be able to hand over the account data, game data and payment data in order to guarantee continued game operation.

At the following links you can read Sproing’s General Business Terms & Conditions (AGB), Terms of Use, Data Protection Provisions, and Chat Regulations:

Sproing Verlag GmbH General Business Terms & Conditions (AGB)
Sproing Publishing GmbH Terms of Use
Sproing Publishing GmbH Data Protection Provisions
Sproing Publishing GmbH Chat Regulations

These new provisions apply as of May 27, 2014.

If you do not agree with the new provisions you have to actively object to the migration of your data.
This will mean that as of that day you cannot log in to the game anymore and all of the game contents you have accrued will be deleted. This also applies to your premium currency – whether acquired during gameplay or bought.

What happens if I object to the migration?
If you object to the migration, we will delete all of your account data, game data and payment information on May 27, 2014 and will not hand this data over to Sproing.

This will mean that as of that day you cannot log in to the game anymore and all of the game contents you have accrued will be deleted. This also applies to your premium currency – whether acquired during gameplay or bought.

This deletion is permanent and cannot be reversed at a later date.

How can I object to the migration?
In order to object to the migration and the transfer of your data to Sproing, you have to visit the Support area of our website at https://www.asterix-friends.com/en/support/.

On the Support page, select the category “How can I contact the Support?” and enter your data into the fields there.


Please change the “Topic” appropriately, from “I have a technical problem” to “Migration / Cancellation” and then, additionally, please also enter your Customer Number into the “Description” field.

Your Customer Number is recorded in the Customer Center which you can call up at the following URL: https://global.telekom.com/gcp-web-csc/10000024/?locale=en

Finally, please click “Send” and your cancellation will be sent on to the Support team. They will then check your data and send you an e-mail confirming the cancellation.

What will happen during the handover?
The servers will not be accessible for a fairly long period, since all customer and game data has to be fed into the new system.

When will the handover take place?
The exact timing of the migration has not yet been decided. Of course, all users will be informed well in advance.

What happens to my game status and my previous purchases?
All game data will be preserved and you can take up your game where you left off before the migration. Of course this applies to your roman helmets, sesterce, resources, items, friends lists, PvP rank, etc.

Will prices increase?
Price changes are not planned during the migration. We reserve the right to adapt prices later.

Will the game URL change?
It will be necessary to change the URL for the game because of the migration. Therefore, please use the following website for entering the game initially: https://www.asterix-friends.com

Will the forum URL change?
Yes, the forum URL will also change after the migration. Therefore, at first please enter the forum via the website or from within the game.

Will old forum threads be deleted?
All threads will be handed over and there will be no need to delete them.

Will the forum moderators change?
We do not foresee any changes in forum moderators.

Will my forum log-in stay the same?
Log-in names for the game and forum will remain identical.

What will happen to open support tickets?
Open support tickets will continue to be processed. We ask for your understanding if the migration leads to any delays in dealing with support tickets!

What will change within the game?
Sproing Publishing GmbH will continue to improve the game and supply it with new contents. The biggest changes will be a new guild system and guild chat. This will improve how you can join up with your friends and beat up Romans together!

Will I remain on the level of my daily bonus?
Assuming the migration can be completed within one day, nothing will change for the daily bonus. We will make every effort to carry out the changes as quickly as possible!

Do I have to choose a new village name?
New issues of village names will not be necessary.

How long will the migration take? Will the game be ‘paused’ for that time?
Our rough estimate of the maintenance time needed is 6 hours.
All game contents which have a time limit will not be paused.
These include: legions, temporary bags, temporary outposts, storage or patrol respawns, village brawl tournaments.