Release Notes Unity Version 02.02.2021

Missing features:

– Centurion punch
– Race through Italy


– It may happen that certain texts in the game get displayed in English despite German or French language setting

Performance / Connection:
– There is no automatic logout after a while
– An error message might appear on the loading screen and the game stops loading. Please try it in another browser.
– Loading bar can stop at around 20%. Please play via the launcher (or on a mobile device if possible) and send the support team a mail with the subject “Important request” if a village exchange should be necessary:
Unfortunately, the web launcher doesn’t support 32-bit Windows systems.

– Facebook Gameroom is currently not working

– You may encounter various graphical glitches
– Interface elements, icons, and pop-up graphics are not scaled properly yet. Also, they are pixelated. –
– It might happen that two village icons on your friends map overlap
– Some special effects are still missing or don’t work properly
– Some animations are still missing or don’t work properly

– When hovering over objects the tooltips are too big and displaced. It may occur that they cover objects, buttons or get cut off by the screen.

Sound / Music:
– Some other sound effects are still missing or don’t work properly

Real money purchases
– The “buy” buttons don’t work in the Roman helmets shop. Please click on the graphic behind it.

– It might happen that the chat isn’t working at all for some players.
– The names of newly named villages are not displayed in the chat. Instead of the correct name, the village (respective ID) is displayed.

– When swapping buildings, it can happen that the signs for the building slots disappear. In this case, reload once.

– There may be delays if you use the quick search in the inventory for the first time after starting the game

– Usual effect of all helmets to reduce the time to recover from -10% to -55% doesn’t work. The actual and incorrect reduction is only -1%.

– If the brawl doesn’t show any opponents please reload

– After giving the magic potion to your workers, the connection may be lost. After that, it is no longer possible to travel to Egypt as long as the magic potion effect is active.
– The message from Edifis about the palace in danger of collapsing is – apart from the subject – completely empty.
– It may happen that you get stuck in the traveling process (Gaul – Egypt). Please reload and try again.