New build version! 

Important for Facebook & Website players:
> Clearing the browser’s cache and refreshing the game can help to fix loading problems or issues while playing.
Players who have sent us a message under the subject “Important Request” should inform our support team if the update has resolved loading problems.
Rest assured that we will continue to work hard to fix any loading issues as soon as possible!
> The game doesn’t react when clicking on the “buy button”. Please click on the image of the package instead.

Important for Facebook players:
> With the new update, Facebook shouldn’t load the website instead of the game anymore, even if the recommended solution to set “#Same-site-by-default-cookies” to “disabled” was not used. However, if you have made this setting, you can now set it back to “default”.
If Facebook now loads the wrong village, write the support team a message with the subject “Wrong village” with the name or IDs of your usual village and your new village: