Login issue survey

Dear Gauls!

Since this Tuesday (September 28th) the following login problem has occurred:
The game fails to load after a “Refresh” with a red exclamation mark being displayed as soon as the loading bar reaches about the middle. In the background, the loading bar then continues to move up to around 90%.

This login problem prevents every player from playing individually for a random period of time and therefore does not affect all players at the same time. In addition, most players can play again during the day.

The developer team is working on a solution to fix the problem as soon as possible and also to help the players who cannot play for other reasons.

We ask all players, regardless of whether they are/have already been affected by this loading problem or not, to take part in the following survey: https://forms.gle/UrfAHhx9vgSCNAoVA
Thank you very much for your support!

Your Asterix & Friends team