A new minigame – Journeys!

Dear Gauls!

Are you ready to learn more about our big new feature, called “Journeys”?
“Journeys” is a new minigame that will be found in the event pop-up next to “Centurion Punch” and “Race through Italy”.
Go on adventures in Corsica, Britain and Hispania and experience new stories that will feature characters of the Asterix comics.
By completing missions along your journey, you gain country currency and build up a reputation in a country, you’ll be able to use for items and beautifications.
The beautifications will make it possible for you to create a magnificent looking, unique village to your likings!
Journeys will arrive in the game along with the visual building upgrades and the female villager Gardenia in the “Remaster update”. Soon, we will let you know in a separate post when the beta tests for the Remaster update will start.

And one news regarding the troublesome login issues:
The big measure we talked about in our last post is carried! We are optimistic that the measure will prevent login issues of a similar extent to happen again in the future.
Now, our developers are fully concentrating on the creation of solutions to reduce/prevent “refresh errors”, performance issues and crashes. We are very grateful for the helpful feedback we receive from the A&F community. Your reports will be taken into account in the bug fixing process to make sure to fix the bugs first that are most important to the players.

Your Asterix & Friends team