Asterix & Friends Update 30 – 16.12.2014


  • Winter has come! Your village is covered in a thick blanket of snow and the villagers are gathering snowballs to throw at the Romans!
  • We have added a new tooltip which explains how the “protective shield” works during the PvP tournament. If you are attacked by another player, you will automatically receive a protective shield. You can also buy these shields in the market if you want.


  • 16 new quests have been added (some of these are available in Egypt).
  • 4 new potions you can use in village brawl (new potion effects “heal” and “knock out”).


  • 4 new PvP potion starter packages have been added to the market.


  • The durability of the Bronze Viking Shield has been increased to 20 (it was previously 15).
  • The Bronze Viking Shield can now be bought in the market with Roman Helmets.


  • Some cooking items have been adjusted to produce more sesterce in a shorter time.


  • 20 more inventory pages can be unlocked with Roman Helmets. There are 70 inventory pages in total.


  • Winter sale: the price of many items available in the market has been reduced temporarily!


  • The straw storage building upgrade to level 16 now has the correct sesterce cost.
  • Fixed a display issue, where the Guild Buff that affects Pointandclix’ strength was not added to the tooltip in the village brawl.