Asterix & Friends Update 29 – 25.11.2014

The village brawl feature has been completely reworked. You will find more details below. Please also consult the new FAQs for this feature.

• All brawlers have been rebalanced.

• New potions which increase the attributes of your brawlers have been added.

• All PvP weapons have been rebalanced.

• The matchmaking system has been improved: your opponent is now more likely to be in your league and/or has a similar amount of points as you.

• Overall rework of the tournament points system: the amount of points you receive or lose after a fight depends on the
amount of brawlers that remain in the ring. Please see new our tournament FAQ for more details.

• Overall rework of the tournament leagues: there still are 15 leagues (from Wood 3 to Gold 1), but you can now advance to a higher league by collecting points. This is a change from the previous player distribution, which was calculated using percentages. Everybody has a chance to reach the Gold 1 league and to get the best rewards when the tournament season ends!

• The tournament season is now 2 months long – enough time to reach the top league!

• The functionality of the new guild tournament is similar to the single player tournament. However, there are only 5 leagues in total (Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold).

• We have added 5 more levels of building upgrades for the wood, stone and straw storage buildings.

• There are now 16 new potions to brew! These will help your fighters in village brawls and can be crafted at the druid’s or at the druid circle.

• There are 2 new village brawl achievements. Complete them and receive Roman Helmets as a reward!

• We have disabled the quest row “The great banquet”, because we are making some improvements to it. Please note that all currently active quests in this quest row will be completed automatically during update 29. We will not complete the final quest in this quest row: players will be able to complete this quest themselves and make Asterix available for combat.