Asterix & Friends Update 17 – 01.04.2014

Please note: the gameserver is not available tomorrow (01.04.2014) during maintenance from 10:30 – 13:00


  • ALPHA version of the in-game chat 

    This is not the final version of the chat, performance issues and usability problems might occur while using the chat. The availability of the chat is not always guaranteed

Chat features

  • initially 30 global chat rooms (10 chatrooms for each language – EN, DE, FR) – more chatrooms coming soon
  • possible to move to different chat room with command: /c [chat room name] (chat room name examples: de1; en5; fr10 – it’s always the language tag + number).
  • possible to view chat room list with command /l or /list (all available chat rooms are listed)
  • whisper functionality (talk with other players in private) – chat command: /w [Username]
  • context menu when you click on the playername in the chat with following options: follow/unfollow; send message; whisper
  • turn on/off autoscroll
  • depending on the language settings you have in the game you get connected to a chat room with people who have the same language settings (Example: game in English = English chat room)


  • adjusted the collision of “reed” in Egypt (making it more easy to harvest reed)
  • adjusted position of Avatar during harvest animation (palm trees / ruins)
  • new quest GUI (window): the quest rewards and quest objectives are visible at any time
  • changed cargo ship startposition – now in Gaul (previously: Egypt)
  • The price and resource cost to construct the Boxing Ring has been reduced significantly. Additionally players can construct it already at level 8, previously level 11.
  • There is now a bigger Sesterce Pack available in the Market with the quantity of 100k Sesterce.
  • The items: bone, mushroom feather, linen cloth red gemstone have been reduced in price. The lobster item has been slightly increased in prize.
  • Building upgrade durations have been significantly reduced. For example the first upgrade used to take 10 minutes, it now takes only one minute. the third took one hour it now takes 15 minutes,…
  • Time reduction cost have been increased for building upgrades, crafting and brawler cooldown. Due to the time reduction changes the first couple of building upgrades are cheaper though than they were before.
  • Permanent inventory unlock prizes have been changed. The prize of all inventory bags combined stayed the same but the prize progression is very different now.
  • Level up Helmet rewards have been slightly increased for the first few level ups and reduced for mid and high level ranges.


  • fixed issue where words in quotation marks were not displayed in message
  • fixed issue where the Communication Panel (announcement when you log into the game) was missing when the first time Egypt tutorial was active
  • fixed issue where the brawl tutorial was missing when the Egypt first time tutorial was active at the same time (the player was not able to brawl as attacker – no opponent was found)
  • [Cooking] merchandise duration for the “Egyptian stew” (tavern merchandise item) was not correctly displayed in the recipe selection tooltip
  • added information screen when clicking on pier/boar in Gaul before reaching player level 20 (to start the Egyptian adventure)

Known issues

  • Problem with upgrades of buildings (and their respective achievements) that have been started ahead of the update 17: the new, shorter upgrade times do not always translate to these ongoing upgrades. Sometimes, the old upgrade time (update 16) is not shortened on the servers-side, despite the players client shows the update has been finished. In this case, the player needs to wait the original time the upgrade has been started with ahead of update 17. In rare cases, this may also result in a login-error, which sometimes will last until the upgrade is finished on the server-side.
  • External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated (could be the reason why certain quests and/or achievements cannot be completed) This issue might not be visible in the game – the game throws an error when you encounter it.
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome
  • Statistics for brawls won and lost (as defender) not correctly displayed in statistics category tab “village brawls”. A game refresh is needed to see the correct PvP defender statistics. Same goes for the PvP achievement: win x brawls as a defender.
  • It’s not possible to store more than 20 brawl report mails (+ brawl rewards) in your inbox. Don’t forget to pick up your brawl rewards as soon as possible!
  • The game throws an (out of sync) error when receiving mails while having lots of actions queued
  • Constructed Outposts in Egypt and in Gaul might not display the correct amount of time left – please refresh your browser once in a while to prevent server-client syncing issues (especially when you are planning to extend the outpost time)
  • Rarely, a quest row quest (Asterix or Obelix quest rows) cannot be completed although the client is already showing the rewards. You have to complete all objectives to get the rewards (you can see the objective list in the quest portrait tooltip on the left side)
  • Issues when fighting against a Roman Unit (patrol, camp, legion) where it’s possible to lose a fight with a 100% win chance. Please add the steps to reproduce when you encounter this issue (for example: Used food to regain strength – yes or no? Villager is equipped with sword/spear/shield/helmet. Overall strength of your villagers VS. overall strength of the Roman Unit)
  • [Egypt] Egyptian workers are sometimes called “villagers” in some descriptions (upgrade a worker, equip a worker, …)
  • possible to lose tournament points with a score with decimal places (example: the winner gets 15 points; you 7,5 points) -> resulting that sometimes the tournament list shows a “wrong” tournament score. It’s just a display issue, because we cannot show rational numbers on the client.
  • it’s possible that 2 legions spawn within a short period of time. We are not sure what causes this issue – any information on this might help us in our investigation.


  • Autoscroll toggle button can be interacted with when the click “began” outside of the button area
  • Mouse panning is not toggled off when releasing mouse button if cursor was released in chat window
  • User has to wait some time (duration variable) until information is displayed that chat server connection is lost. The chat reconnects after several minutes automatically. If this is not happening, you have to refresh the game to reconnect to the chat server.
  • Underscore character is displayed in bold in the chat
  • Using arrow keys while typing in chat pans the game map
  • Chat doesn’t necessarily reconnect you to same chat room after you have been disconnected. If you are not in the same chat room than before, just use the command /c [chat room name] to change back to the correct chat room
  • You disconnect from the chat server completely when you try to connect to a chat room that is already full. Unfortunately, the information if a chat room is full or not is not displayed in the game. You have to refresh the game to reconnect to the chat server (you get transferred automatically to a room that isn’t full yet)