30 years – 30 wishes: Sat1 fulfills wishes and Richard becomes a comic Gaul!

Of the numerous submissions for the Sat1 event “30 years – 30 wishes”, Richard scored the big prize.

Since his childhood days his heart belongs to the tales of Asterix, browsing through every comic excitedly, thereby following the village community’s eventful and humorous story. Wether it is brawls with defiant Romans or the cozy boar feast with everyone getting together after a successful adventure – he is as fascinated by the world of Asterix as we are.

Never would Richard have dared to dream of becoming a part of this story.


This only made it more exciting when his application to become a comic Gaul was actually chosen as part of Sat1 “30 Jahre. – 30 Wünsche“. From his beard through his distinctive facial features to his strong figure – the man from Dachau, Germany, has all the qualities of a true Gaul.

All that makes him a great choice for a character in the Asterix & Friends game. Using three photos, his character got digitalized and cartooned at Rabcat studio in Vienna. Of course Richard was there as well, to oversee the final polishing and admire the finished work.

Richard-2 Richard-3

All involved fully agreed that the result in game worked out very well.

From now on, you’ll find him easily recognizable and in a matching Gaulish outfit, as a patroling village guard in the world of Asterix & Friends.

We wish him lots of success and would again like to send our heartfelt congratulations to the real Richard S.

Richard-1 Richard-4