Asterix & Friends Update 13 – 04.02.2014

Maintenance downtime: 04.02.2014 – 10:30-12:30


  • Unlockable Equipment Slots – the player has now the possibility to unlock two more equipment slots for Resistance Points. Villagers can only have one type of equipment equipped at the same time. one weapon, one helmet, one shield.
  • Complete overhaul of the in-game mail feature. There is now an outbox making it easier for players to keep track of their conversations and items can be attached from within the mail GUI.
  • In addition we created an all new interface for better usability.


  • The Phoenician is now a quest giver. He offers a pool of 10 repeatable quests that unlock from level 25 on.

Balancing & Tweaks

  • Tutorial received a couple of bigger ad smaller changes.
  • We made the tutorial shorter by moving the legion tutorial.
  • During the navigation part of the tutorial you only need to click once to change the zoom level
  • some text-changes/improvements
  • construction signposts displayed instead of transparent Roman camps
  • outpost countdown bar (in outpost window) now displays days instead of hours


  • [PvP] it is now possible to see the brawler stats of locked PvP characters BEFORE unlocking them
  • fixed several issues concerning sending messages and the mail system
  • fixed a display issue where the travel line was displayed above the first time screen when clicking on pier for the first time in Gaul
  • fixed the issue where it was not possible to complete the ‘train all workers to level x’ achievement. Please try to pick up your rewards in the achievement menu!

Known issues

  • External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome
  • Statistics for brawls won and lost (as defender) not correctly displayed in statistics category tab ‘village brawls’. A game refresh is needed to see the correct PvP defender statistics. Same goes for the PvP achievement: win x brawls as a defender.
  • It’s not possible to store more than 20 brawl report mails (+ brawl rewards) in your inbox. Don’t forget to pick up your brawl rewards as soon as possible!
  • The game throws an (out of sync) error when receiving mails while having lots of actions queued (rare)
  • Some issues with daily login bonus food reward overflow mail (not possible to pick up the food, because your food storage is full) – sometimes the mail inbox does not display all your mails (after you’ve received a daily login bonus overflow mail) – sometimes it’s not possible to delete the mail (error occurs)
  • Constructed Outposts in Egypt and in Gaul might not display the correct amount of time left – please refresh your browser once in a while to prevent server-client syncing issues (especially when you are planning to extend the outpost time)
  • Rarely, a quest row quest (Asterix or Obelix quest rows) cannot be completed although the client is already showing the rewards. You have to complete all objectives to get the rewards (you can see the objective list in the quest portrait tooltip on the left side)
  • [PvP] not possible to unlock brawlers with resistance points after completing the PvP tutorial (game refresh is needed)
  • [Statistics] legion defeat statistics updates when other players defeat (completely) legions on your friendsmap without your help. But it’s a client-only issue, after a game refresh the statistic resets (shows the correct count)


  • [Egypt] Egyptian workers are sometimes called ‘villagers’ in some descriptions (upgrade a worker,  equip a worker, …)
  • [Egypt] The palace construction progress bar may not display the correct progress. Please make sure to update the palace status once in a while (by clicking on the palace) to get the latest palace status!
  • [achievement] [Egypt] some issues with the complete the ‘train all workers to level x’ achievement
  • [Egypt] PvP brawl replay has no background when player opens the replay in Egypt