Asterix & Friends Update #5

Asterix & Friends Update #5 will be released tomorrow (10:30-12:00)!


  • A Phoenician Ship will arrive after a while.


  • It is now possible to rearrange the buildings in your village. Swapping buildings once costs 400 Sesterce.
  • Roman Camps and Patrols are losing strength if the player fights against them and loses. The amount of strength lost depends on the player’s attacking strength. This change makes losing a fight on the village map less of an issue.
  • PVP – a first playable version of the player versus player village brawl.Players can pick attacking and defending villagers to find out who has the strongest village in a two week tournament. At the end of the tournament players will be rewarded according to their rank.Currently there are three rank tiers. Gold, Silver and Bronze. A Tournament Leaderboard which updates every 10 minutes shows the current rankings.A matchmaking system tries to find suitable opponents.To brawl players must place a bet, any item from their inventory. We will release more info on this topic tomorrow !
  • *Tweaked the attack screen – more roman soldiers are displayed to reflect the correct strength.

Tweaks & Bug Fixes:

  • fixed a random bug that occured when attacking legions
  • fixed progress bar for upgrade villager achievement
  • fixed quest description for quest “economics for beginners”
  • fixed a small usability issue for tabs in statistics-screen
  • fixed an issue, where pointandclix stood above wood-assets while mining
  • several text changes/improvements
  • fixed a minor graphical glitch in the world-map

Known issues:

  • Internet Explorer users may experience Flash player version issues, especially with IE10
  • External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome
  • Game sometimes throws an error when trying to complete the achievement “Gaulish Strongmen” (train all villager to level x) – after a game refresh, the achievement can be completed without an error
  • Game sometimes throws an error when leaving it in background/inactive/locked PC for a while
  • Using the “restore down” button in Firefox to decrease and then increase the window size may result in an error