The Village Brawl: The new PvP feature in Asterix & Friends

The Village Brawl – HOW TO!

Brief overview: Through the new building “boxing ring” you can now challenge other villages to compete with you. If you’d like to compete with another village, a matchmaking system will automatically find you a suitable opponent. To meet a challenge, you’ll select villagers for your attack and defense. As a courageous challenger you may even wager certain items on your victory in this contest. If you prevail, you’ll get twice the amount back – even of rare items! To see how well your village is faring, there is even a ranking to keep you updated about your standing.

IMPORTANT: No villagers are actually being injured during this purely sporting contest!

PLEASE NOTE: This first season of “The Village Brawl” is a pure test-season! If there are no serious issues, the first real season will start after this 2-3 weeks test. BUT: prices and rewards are already available in the test season! 

1. How do I access the PvP feature?

It is only possible to fight other players once you’ve built the boxing ring in your village. To build the boxing ring, select an available building lot for a residential building.

The building window will pop up and you may now select the boxing ring.

Boxing Ring

This is the boxing ring. If you click on the building, the building menu will open.

Chose your defenders by clicking the „Choose your defenders“ button. To do so, just click the helmet icon.

2. How do I defend my village?

After clicking the helmet icon „Choose your defenders“, the defender window will open. Here you may chos,e who should fight for your village. To do so, click one of the three characters.

Select 3 characters to defend you. Click them again to deselect them.

To arm your fighter, click PICK WEAPON or chose a different one using CHANGE WEAPON.


3. How do I chose my opponent?

You’ve selected your defenders. Now you’ll want to find an attacker! To do so, click the „Challenge another village“ button. Now you’ll be presented different opponents.

  • Peter is available for a fight. You may accept this opponent or have a new one generated
  • Chose your wager

Once you’re done with these steps, the window should look like this:


4. Select your attackers

After you have chosen an opponent, you have to select the villagers you want to attack them with.

Choose Attackers

As you already know, clicking characters allows you to select and deselect them.

Click „Accept“ when you’re satisfied with your choice.

Now chose a weapon for your attackers and you’re ready to fight!


5. How do I start the fight and how will it take place?

Now click the „Brawl“ button and you’re good to go. Observe it as long as you like or simply skip it.


You won? Rejoice in your wager and don’t forget to check the ranking to see who’s the strongest Gaul!

6.Where do I find the ranking?

To look at the ranking, access the according menu on the boxing ring. Click the trophy icon and the ranking will pop up.


Compare your own rank and your accumulated score with the results of other players.

7. Which rewards await you in the top 100?

Gold Rank (Rank 1 to 10)

  • 300 roman helmets
  • 5000 sesterces
  • 3 menhirs
  • one random item: balanced sword / helmet winged / quality shield

Silver Rank: (Rank 11 to 30)

  • 50 roman helmets
  • 2000 sesterces
  • 2 menhirs
  • one random item: sword / helmet horned / balanced shield

Bronze Rank: (Rank 31 to 100)

  • 10 romam helmets
  • 1000 sesterces
  • 1 menhir
  • one random item: poor sword / helmet / shield

Good luck and cunning for your struggle for the top spot!

P.s: The next time you log in, you’ll be shown the other players whom you’re competing with for the top spots.