White screen issue on Facebook workaround

You see a white screen when you start Asterix & Friends on Facebook and followed all instructions we described in our Flash FAQ? All you need to do is to start A&F via Facebook Games: https://www.facebook.com/games/asterix-and-friends/
The game should load as usual again.

Check out our flash faq that should help to fix this & any other problem that makes you unable to play: https://www.asterix-friends.com/en/adobe-flash

Please contact the support team if even flash faq couldn’t help: support@asterix-friends.com

Make sure to add a brief description of the problem that contains the following information to speed up the process:
– platforms you use (FB, Gameroom, iOS, Android, A&F website, third-party website)
– browsers you’ve tried (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox,…)
– names and id’s of all your villages (old and new ones)
– what you’ve already tried out to fix the problem (e.g. update browsers, followed all instructions from flash faq,…)

Thank you!