End of server maintenance – New chat system

Our servers are now back online! Thank you for your patience!

With this update, the old chat system, which was one reason for the massive connection problems in September and October, was replaced with a much more powerful chat system.
Web players (e.g. on the A&F website or Facebook) can start the game as usual and have direct access to the new chat system. iOS and Android players need to update the game via the AppStore or PlayStore. Please be patient if the first start after the maintenance takes longer or if the iOS or Android update is not immediately available to you.
Please note that old and new chats are not connected, so you need to update the app to be able to use the new chat with everyone.

Other changes:
– Deactivation of brawl buyback feature
– Fix for iOS devices with notch
– Various minor bug fixes

Also, note that the history of the guild chat is currently not saved, but we will provide this feature and a fix of any display errors in the chat as soon as possible.

Your Asterix & Friends team