Chat issues

Dear Gauls!

We apologize for the new issues that players have to face after the latest update!
Most of them are related to the new chat system, while others only appear in the web version (e.g. too big zoom when switching the map, faulty logout button).
Our developers are currently working on a hotfix to resolve the most urgent chat issue as fast as possible. We also plan to release an update next week to resolve the other new issues.
Please note that the number of active users is wrong and that the chat works even though no welcome message is displayed.

Also, our developers currently investigate the cases of players who have no access to the chat at all (“Establishing connection to chat server..”).
If you’re unable to use the chat, contact our support team:
In this case, please include a detailed description of the error, a screenshot if possible, and the name of your village.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, especially by new chat issues, and hope for your patience until we release the promised bug fixes.

Your Asterix & Friends team