Flower Power Weeks

Dear Gauls,

We know it’s been a loooooong time and your patience must have been made out of menhir, but the time has finally come and we’re as happy as Obelix smelling roast boar, to announce the return of the Flower Power Event! And yes, we are aware of the fact that this announcement comes on short notice ;) But better than nothing right?

In order to install the Event, our servers will be offline tomorrow, June 3rd from 9am to approximately 2pm CEST.
For everyone, who needs to refresh their memory or all the players, who don’t know the Flower Power Event yet, we summarized all important infos:

– Roses, tulips, and lilies are dropping now when collecting resources. The drop rate of the flowers has been increased (compared to the previous event)
– Four event recipes can be found in the tailor shop: Flower Bouquet, Grand Bouquet, Present, Wrapped Gift
– One event recipe can be found in the leatherworker shop: Bunch of Tulips
– There is a total of eight event quests, two of them are repeatable every 72h
– Furthermore, you can continue completing your event achievements!
– AND we increased the drop rate of flax for the time of the event.

The event will take place from June 3rd to July 15th.