Release Notes Unity Version 25.02.2021

Dear players of Asterix & Friends,

here are the release notes for the update of the Unity version on February, 25th, 2021.
Some general info beforehand:

In the last weeks, we fixed some major bugs and part of the team is still busy resolving the remaining issues. Another part of the team is working on optimizing the code for better performance and memory usage. The first part of optimization is done with this update, where we fixed a memory leak. Our next step is to try to get the amount of RAM used by the game at startup down so that players with lower spec PCs (less RAM) have fewer issues with starting and playing the game.
Another part of the team has been working on the mini-games “Race through Italy” and “Centurion Punch”. We expect to have a version of the race ready for internal testing in the next few days and hopefully a version of the Centurion punch a week later (for internal testing).
We are also still working on the chat server. We made some progress on the test server, where the chat is mostly working fine now, and hope to deploy these fixes to the LIVE servers in the next few days. There will most probably no maintenance downtime needed for these fixes.
We are aware of the disruptive nature of weekly maintenance downtimes, but so far it has been important to fix major issues as soon as we can, especially those keeping our players from accessing the game. Fortunately, the downtimes for the deployment of new Unity versions are not as long as they had been in the past with the Flash client. Once we have fixed the majority of the remaining bugs and successfully launched the missing mini-games, maintenances will occur less frequently.
Once again, thank you for your patience and your valuable feedback. Things are starting to look better but we know that we are not out of the woods yet. While our main development team for the Unity version is working hard on finishing the missing features and preparing the mobile versions, our separate team dedicated to new content is making good progress, so that you will be able to enjoy some exciting, brand new content this year. We are also working on bringing back the seasonal events as soon as possible.

Here are the bug fixes in this update:

Major fixes:
– Memory usage: we fixed a memory leak that resulted in more memory used after playing for a while. This should fix some issues occurring to players in longer game sessions.
– Helmets should now correctly reduce the recovery time of villagers.
– After brawling, the brawlers on cooldown are again greyed out correctly and buttons underneath to reactivate them for Roman Helmets are present again. Also, brawlers who are not yet unlocked are correctly greyed out again.
– Wrong display in various hover popups (wood, stone, straw instead of “x/x brawlers ready” for example) fixed.

Other fixes:
– German Umlauts (ä,ö,ü) are now displayed with the correct font.
– Chat messages should no longer be displayed multiple times in chat after switching chat channels several times.
– Inventory: quick search should no longer display all items from the inventory but only the ones searched for.
– Inventory (German version): the inventory is correctly sorted alphabetically again.
– Fixed a bug where you had to click twice on the fly-out menu of the villagers and their equipment for the first time in a game session.
– Some English words in the German version corrected (Village name/Search instead of Dorfname/Suchen on friends map, To/Subject instead of An/Betreff in messages, Sell instead of Verkaufen in inventory).
– The outpost near the druid circle is displayed correctly again.
– The follow button in the legion report is working again.
– Chat should now correctly display the number of friends active in the current chat room.
– Players who had their village name reset by our support should be able to again interact with all elements of the game.
– The brawl should correctly countdown 3,2,1, fight in every fight.
– The mail menu size was corrected. There is still an issue with too small text in the subjects of the emails in the inbox.

Fixes not yet confirmed:
The following issues should be fixed, but they are hard to reproduce on our side, so we need your feedback especially for these:
– An error occurring in the unity loading screen of the Web Version: “The browser couldn’t allocate enough memory for the WebCL content”
– When arriving in Egypt, the game crashes and displays the “refresh” button.
– Timers freeze after approx. 5 brawl fights. As a result, regeneration doesn’t work again until the player reloads the game.
– There should be no more invisible patrols blocking resources.