New build version (v11)!

Dear Gauls,

The following bugs are supposed to be fixed in this build; as always your feedback is very welcome, especially if you find some of these bugs not to be fixed completely.
Please test, if possible with your village, all functions, and features of this new build version and use the form provided for bug reports:

– The info bubbles/tooltips on mouseover should be fixed and show the correct info now. They should also be placed correctly now and no longer overlap any elements.
– The tooltips on outposts should be fixed and no longer display “Buil another Gaulish outpost….”

– The animation of the defeated characters in brawl (shrink/fade away) should now look correct (same as in Flash and mobile clients).

– Interface elements should no longer be too big or look pixelated.
– Wrong line breaks in some buttons (mostly German and French versions) should now be fixed.
– Some of the superfluous “lugs” holding UI elements together (bottom of villager strength overview) should now be removed.
– Fixed too small font size on battle screen (fighting Romans).
– Fixed the max zoom level on the village and Egypt map (was too close).

– spear/spears, centurion/centurions, etc. should now correctly display according to the number of items.

– When hovering over an ingredient in a crafting recipe, the popup should now correctly show a title bar with the name of the item, not just where you can get it.

– When using search, you should now be able to send the search with the “Enter” key without having to click the search button.

Druid Circle:
– Should now show the correct background image, not the image of the Druid’s house.