Please reset your password

As announced you will not be able to log in with your old password anymore after the maintenance. An error message will be displayed: “Wrong username or password”. Don’t panic! All you need to do is to reset your password.

Wrong username or password

Wrong username or password

1. Click on the green “LOGIN” Button on the mainpage ( to get to the Login Page (

Login Button on Main Page

The button leading to the login page

The Login Page

The Login Page

2. Click “Forgot your password?” at the bottom left of the LOGIN box.

3. Enter your email address and click “Recover password”.

4. Check your mail inbox and in the password recovery email click “Recover password”.

Please make sure to also check the spam folder of your mail provider. If you use an e-mail program like Outlook or Thunderbird, it might not retrieve mails from the spam folder, depending on your settings. In this case, please also check the spam folder of your e-mail inbox in your browser on the website of your mail provider. 

Recover Password

This button in the e-mail you receive opens the page in your browser to set your new password.

5. Enter your new password and click “Set New Password”.

Enter your new password

Enter your new password in the “Password” and “Confirm Password” field.

6. Go back to the login page ( and log in with your email address and your new password.


Login with your e-mail and the new password.

Please note: There is an alternative method to log in. In the main page in the “Registration” box, you can switch the box from registration to login by clicking on “I already have an account”. 

Switching from Registration to Login

Switching to Login on the Main Page

The Box will now look just like the Login box on the separate Login Page. Please note though, that the Box will still shows “Registration” at the top border. After that, please continue with Step 2 above.

Box on Main Page switched to Login

The Box has switched to Login and now shows the “Forgot Password” button.