Upcoming downtimes

Dear players.
We want to inform you that several maintenances will be performed over the course of the upcoming days. 

  1. On 26.01. from 00:00h until 06:00h CET, the login via our website will not be available. However, players that have logged in before 26.01. 00:00h will not be logged out. 
  2. On 27.01. from 00:00h until 06:00h CET, the game servers will be offline. During that time you will not be able to enter the game.

Please note that these downtimes are due to technical maintenances and will not include content updates. We will keep you informed about the progress.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Your Asterix and Friends Team

Update 1.4.1 – Winter is over

Dear Gauls.

This update brings with it the end of the Winter Event. Once the update is complete, you will no longer be able to craft special event items like Baked Apples, but of course you will be able to keep any event items which are already in your inventory. All event-related quests will be deactivated and event items will no longer be for sale in the market. Your progress towards any event-related achievements will also not be affected.

You can find the patch notes on our forum:

Update 1.4.1

The Winter Event has started! – Update 1.4.0

Winter Start EN
Dear players,
our Winter Event has started!
With the village covered in snow, you will discover new recipes, items and quests (for the duration of the event). Talk to your villagers to find out why boar in mint sauce has suddenly become a highly requested dish. Have fun!
Your Asterix and Friends Team

Patch Notes:
Asterix & Friends Update version 1.4.0 – 15.12.2016

Start of Winter Event

  • wintry Gaul map
  • temporary event quests and event recipes
  • temporary event items: snowball, icicle, apple, baked apple, exotic spices, mint, hot water with mint, roasted boar with mint sauce
  • winter loading screen

PvP and tournament

  • tournament rework (FAQ LINK)
  • visual/feedback enhancements for PvP (league and rank changes are now displayed, active protective shield is displayed in the UI, league icon displayed at villages on friends map, etc.)


  • New quests for fighting against Roman legions
  • Additional new quests


  • New timetable for Phoenician trader: the Phoenician trader will visit your village every second hour and remain for one hour. If he is currently not in Gaul he will return at the start of the next full hour.
  • General bug fixes/Improvements

Downtime 15.12.2016

Downtime EN
Dear players.
While we install the new features of the Winter Event, our servers will be unavailable on December 15th from 10:00h CET to approximately 14:00h CET. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Your Asterix and Friends Team

Asterix and Friends worldwide

Dear players.

In the past weeks Asterix and Friends had been attending several Games Weeks with great success.
We were also happy to be part of Luca Comics and London Comic Con last weekend.

Thank you to everyone that visited our exhibition booth.
For those who didn’t have a chance to come, we collected some photos from Paris Games Week.