New version on test server

Dear Gauls,

we updated our test server with a new build. You should no longer need to clear your cache/cookies to test it.

Please give us your feedback via the usual form:

We are especially curious about your experiences with the Centurion punch.

The following bugs should be fixed:

  • Centurion Punch: various improvements regarding flight duration, flight behaviour, boost items, hitting the goals, etc.
  • Travel to Egypt: The game should no longer be stuck on the travel screen
  • Ambushes: players should no longer encounter “infinite battles” when fighting ambushes
  • The bug, where the game is stuck in loading screen with a refresh error after defeating all Romans in Gaul, then travelling to Egypt and defeating all Romans and crocodiles there, should be fixed
  • Bugs at the quest rows “Visitor attraction” and “A nice bet” should be fixed (overlapping buttons, partially hidden rewards, missing complete button).
  • Fixed bugs with sesterce prices for buildings and wrong sesterce popups
  • Fixed bug where sound was missing for completion of quests

Display issues:

  •  tooltips should no longer be placed incorrectly/overlapping other elements
  • when villagers are unlocked, they should be displayed correctly in the “return popup”
  • Pointandclix should no longer run through buildings
  • fixed graphic bug at the villager strength popup 
  • decorations should no longer be covered by buildings 
  • fixed tooltip on Southern farm outpost
  • long item names in the market should no longer overlap
  • idle animations of the characters should be displayed correctly
  • font size in mails should be bigger now
  • race: fixed wrong background images for chests
  • guild bonus stars should now be displayed correctly
  • quest markers and food markers over villagers should now face the correct direction when villager is faced to the left
  • font size in battle screen should be increased 
  • various fixes for “pixelated” or blurred elements