New update available for Open Beta

Dear Gauls!
A new update for the Android version is available via the open beta.
This update is supposed to help any player who couldn’t play the game after they updated the Asterix & Friends Android app (e.g. loading stuck, crashes, the game doesn’t open) and may also affect performance issues (lag) positively.
How to join the beta program:
1. Open “A&F” in the Google Play store.
2. Scroll down and find “Register for the beta program”.
3. After clicking “Participate”, wait ca. 15 minutes. Then the title on the A&F store page will change to “Asterix & Friends (Beta)” and the game can be updated.
You can leave the beta program on the A&F store page in the Google Play Store.
Additional info:
Our latest changes made to the game login were successful and prevented new login issues (“504 gateway timeout”, “refresh” in the loading screen) so far. The promised compensation for the login issues will be sent to every player next week.
Your Asterix & Friends team