Egypt Adventure FAQ

1 How do I travel to Egypt?
– You need to be at least level 20
– You need to free the bridge and the pier from Roman occupation
– You can click on the boat next to the pier to travel to Alexandria

2 How do I travel back to my village?
– You can click on the small boat near the pier to travel back to your village

3 I can’t access the Friendsmap in Egypt. Why?
– Because you are on a different continent and you are not aware of what is happening back in Gaul. Remember, the internet and telephones were not yet invented back in 50 B.C.
– To help other players with Roman legions you have to travel back to your village
– Legions can still attack your village while you help Edifis with the palace construction in Egypt. So don’t forget to check on that!
– Roman patrols in Egypt do not respawn when a legion reaches your village

4 How does the Resistance bar work in Egypt?
– Defeating Romans in Egypt increases your Resistance Level just like back home in Gaul.
You are already so infamous that the Romans know which Gaulish village is to blame for their troubles.

5 Which resources can I find in Egypt?
– You can gather wood from palm trees
– You can gather straw from reed
– You can gather stone from ruins
– You can gather food from the Egyptian Farm, Egyptian fields and from Egyptian fishing grounds

6 What does Edifis’ workshop do?
– You can craft different items at Edifis’ workshop in Egypt. You might need these items to finish the construction of the palace!
– Some crafting recipes need items you can only prepare or get at your village in Gaul

7 How do quests work in Egypt?
– Certain quest objectives are tied to Gaul or Egypt, so they won’t progress if you are in the wrong location
– Quests can be completed anywhere if all quest objectives have been met
– Some quests objectives will require you to travel to a certain location
– Quest objectives which require you to hold external buildings for a certain time will progress even if you are in another location

8 How do resource storage and my inventory work in Egypt?
– Egypt and Gaul have separate storage buildings for resources and food, these resources are not shared across the two locations
– Your inventory can always be accessed and is shared across the two locations

9 There are Roman camps in Egypt, what do they block?
– Chewingum (oasis camp): blocks access to oasis (water) and wood
DE Seisdrum / FR Chouingum
– Welcum (pier camp): blocks access to pier/(cargo ship)
DE Delirium / FR Postscriptum
– Humdrum (river bank camp): blocks the riverbank – access to reeds (straw)
DE Hauteuchdrum / FR Mercurocrum

10 Who will help you to fight against the Romans in Egypt?
– Only Pointandklix can travel to Egypt and all the other villagers are not available. They have to take care of all the annoying Romans at home!
– The Egyptian construction workers are willing to help you defeat the Romans, but they are not as strong as the brave Gaul warriors. You can train them by clicking on their tents (upgrade) to make them stronger
– It’s possible to make Pointandclix undefeatable for x times with Getafix’ Magic Potion (see 15 – Magic Potion)

11 Achievements & Statistics
– Achievements and Statistics are updated when you complete objectives and gather items/resources in Egypt.
– But you have to travel back to your village to see the achievement/statistic progress (@ Pointandclix’ house)

12 Why should I construct the palace?
– Edifis has to construct a palace for Cleopatra (she has made a bet with Caesar) and when you finish the palace you’ll be rewarded with a lot of Resistance Points
– Every time you reach a new construction stage you get a reward ( Resistance Points and Sesterce)
– When the palace construction is completed (reaches 100%), you continually get Resistance Points from the Palace (can be picked up by clicking on the Palace). The faster you finish the palace the longer you get Resistance Points, so hurry up!

13 How do I construct the palace?
– The productivity meter displays how much effort you are putting into the palace construction site. If you see it drop below 100% you need to act!
– At the beginning you have only one worker who becomes productive when you complete his need quest. This could be for example: water, food, tools, etc. But he will only be productive for a certain amount of time, then you have to bring him something new.
You can get even more workers when you build their tents (by clicking on the building lots in Egypt). The more workers you have the faster you are!
– You can improve the productivity of your workers permanently by upgrading their tents.
– A nice and easy way to construct the palace is to provide the palace construction site with resources (wood, straw, stone). One resource boosts the construction for a certain amount of time.
– Crocodiles decrease the productivity of your workers, therefore you have to get rid of them. Defeat them to boost the productivity of your workers!

14 How does the magic potion work?
– Ask Getafix to prepare the magic potion for you. When he is ready you can either boost the workers for one hour or make Pointandclix undefeatable for 3 times when fighting against Romans! But choose wisely! You have to wait several days until Getafix can prepare a new potion!
Some ideas:
– Hint: if you have many workers working on the construction site you should choose the production boost!
– Hint: if you have problems with Romans or crocodiles you should give the Magic Potion to Pointandclix