Asterix & Friends Update 10 – 26.11.2013

Maintenance Downtime: 26.11.2013 / 10:30-12:00


  • Snowy Village – the player’s village is covered under a thick layer of snow
  • New and prettier growl dialog

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:

  • Druid house chimney is smoking now while a potion is being crafted
  • Building upgrades past building level 10 can be unlocked now every two levels, previously every three levels.
  • fixed issue where the game threw an out of sync error when having a level up
  • fixed issue where the campfire particle effect for newly constructed outposts was missing
  • fixed issue where it was possible to use strength potions on phoenician trader
  • fixed display issue for items with high selling prices
  • fixed issue where constructing the druid house lead to an error
  • fixed issue where a villager was displayed although you haven’t finished the construction of the villager’s building
  • crafting potions at druid circle (or controlling the druid circle) should no longer result in an error
  • fixed issue where it was not possible to complete the “Scourge of the romans” achievement
  • fixed issue where it was not possible to complete the “Village motivator” achievement
  • fixed issue where it was not possible to gather resources or to refill a villagers strength (not enough food error)
  • several text-changes/improvements
  • fixed issue where the score in pvp end tournament mails was not displayed correctly

Known Issues

  • [Browser] Internet Explorer users may experience Flash player version issues, especially with IE10
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome
  • It’s not possible to store more than 20 brawl report mails (+ brawl rewards) in your inbox. Don’t forget to pick up your brawl rewards as soon as possible!
  • The storage capacity HUD will not immediately display the new maximum capacity when the player upgrades a storage building. Refreshing the game or harvesting the corresponding resource will update the HUD to display the new improved capacity.