Delete cache/cookies!

Dear Facebook and website players!
You heard that Race through Italy is back in the unity version, but the icon is still missing? Or you come across loading problems (like “Syntax error”)?
This means you’re playing with the old build! In order to force your browser to load the update, you need to delete the cache & cookies of your browser (instructions below*).
Therefore, we also suggest deleting cache & cookies once after each maintenance! Please keep in mind that the first loading will take longer after deleting the browser data.
When deleting cache & cookies correctly doesn’t help to fix loading issues, contact our support team:
Centurion Punch can’t be played on the LIVE servers yet, but you’ll be able to try the feature on our test server very soon:
Your Asterix & Friends Team

*In many browsers, the keyboard shortcut to delete browser save data is pressing Control (Ctrl) + Shift (up arrow) + Del (Delete) simultaneously. This should open a window in which some options have already been selected. However, only “Cached files and images” and “Cookies and other website data” have to be checked. Make sure to choose “All time” as the time range! Then click on “Delete data”. Note that the actual names may be worded differently in your browser.