Asterix & Friends Update 9 – 10/29/2013


  • Start of Mysterious Mist – Event


  • Repeatable Quests have been implemented


  • added sound when buying crafting recipes in workshops
  • added sound for constructing residential and commercial buildings
  • changed max duration for gaul outposts
  • tweaked how items are displayed at phoenician market


  • fixed display issue below storage counter in HUD
  • fixed issue where it was possible to get stuck in the tutorial during the roman helmets happy hour
  • added pop-up when buying the last item with an active special offer (when someone already bought the last item)
  • several text-changes/improvements
  • fixed a (rare) issue where it was possible to get the same opponent again after skipping, when no other opponent is left (now no Sesterces are depleted in such a case)

Known issues:

  • Internet Explorer users may experience Flash player version issues, especially with IE10
  • External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated (could be the reason why certain quests and/or achievements cannot be completed)
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome
  • Some users might run into an error when crafting potions at druid circle
  • The game throws an error when receiving mails while having lots of actions queued
  • Sometimes the game throws an error when reaching a new level while having lots of actions queued
  • Statistics for brawls won and lost (as defender) not correctly displayed in statistics category tab ‘village brawls’. A game refresh is needed to see the correct PvP defender statistics. Same goes for the PvP achievement: win x brawls as a defender.
  • It’s not possible to store more than 20 brawl report mails (+ brawl rewards) in your inbox. Don’t forget to pick up your brawl rewards as soon as possible!
  • Some user might run into an error when constructing buildings (this is possible when you have swapped one of these buildings: avatar’s house, butcher, farm). Use the swap building feature to move the construction site to a different building lot – then it’s possible to construct the building.
  • Sometimes it’s not possible to open the druid’s circle menu when 3 potions are in the crafting queue.
  • It’s not possible to complete the “Scourge of the romans” achievement during the mysterious mist.
  • There is no warning when you use strength potions on the phoenician trader (you lose the potions at the moment)