Asterix & Friends Update 8 – 10/08/2013

Maintenance Downtime: 08.10.2013 /  10:30-12:00


  • New crafting recipe to turn roman sandals into leather straps.


  • Gaul Outposts feature. Players can now hold all 7 sites outside their village for a much longer time by constructing an outpost. Regular supply of an outpost allows players to hold a site theoretically for ever.
  • New and pretty loading screen background
  • New brawlers overview (pvp)


  • Stats icon for previewing a 2nd weapon with same stats in same slot was changed
  • Added countdown (phoenician trade screen) to announce the end of the phoenician market event
  • Added unlock requirements to tooltips of locked villagers in brawler-dialogs
  • Tweaked UI of inventory-bags for better usability
  • The crafting cost of empty barrel has been reduced by swapping the required steel bar with an iron bar.
  • Placed bet is now displayed separately when winning a brawl

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where the <TAB> key didn’t work as expected when you tried to jump from the recipient text field to the subject text field
  • PvP stats of locked villagers are no longer displayed in their tooltips (when choosing the villager as attacker/defender)
  • Several text changes/improvements
  • Fixed issue where sometimes an error was thrown when locking the pc while still in the loading screen
  • Fixed some (minor) font issues
  • Fixed issue where the vertex buffer may have exceeded after very long play sessions
  • Fixed an issue where some users experienced an error when swapping buildings after a live-update

Known issues:

  • Internet Explorer users may experience Flash player version issues, especially with IE10
  • External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated (could be the reason why certain quests and/or achievements cannot be completed)
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome
  • Some user might run into an error when crafting potions at druid circle
  • The game throws an error when receiving mails while having lots of actions queued
  • Statistics for brawls won and lost (as defender) not correctly displayed in statistics category tab “village brawls”.A game refresh is needed to see the correct PvP defender statistics. Same goes for the PvP achievement: win x brawls as a defender.
  • It’s not possible to store more than 20 brawl report mails (+ brawl rewards) in your inbox. Don’t forget to pick up your brawl rewards as soon as possible!