Asterix & Friends Update #4


  • Now flax can be crafted at the tailor. The recipe unlocks at building level 2.
  • A new achievement has been added to fight Roman Legions.
  • Five new potions (Druid Circle) have been added.


  • New temporary bag feature
    Now players can choose between temporary and permanent inventory upgrades.Temporary upgrades cost Sesterce. These upgrades are now called bags. Players can purchase up to three temporary bags unlocking the additional inventory space for a total of 15 days.In case a temporary bag timer runs out the bag is locked. Items can still be taken out of locked bags but new ones cannot enter the bag unless the player makes another temporary or permanent purchase.The purchase of permanent inventory upgrades remains unchanged.
    The GUI has changed as well to match the new design.
  • Druid Circle
    Finally the village druid can craft the most powerful potions at the Druid Circle. By upgrading the Druid Circle new potions can be unlocked. Obviously the respective Roman camp needs to be defeated first.

Tweaks & Bug Fixes:

  • Moved a small rock north of the village which blocked the avatar’s path when attempting to reach a bigger rock next to it.
  • Statistics categories tweaked. Crafted items are now correctly listed under crafting.
  • Fixed issue where unread mail indicator was missing
  • Fixed issue where zero attachments were displayed (when picking up all mail attachments at once)
  • Removed forest asset (lower right corner) where surprise spawn patrols could spawn outside the browser window and could not be removed
  • Fixed quest objective for Ă’quest_191Ă“ (“Two birds of a feather” – deliver beetroots and feathers) and for Ă’quest_209Ă“ (“Repairs” – deliver nails, iron hammer and leather straps)
  • Several smaller text changes
  • Instant crafting complete no longer plays the crafting complete sound, previously two sounds played at the same time.

Known issues:

  • [Display issue] in rare cases a legion that reaches the player village does not trigger a reset of the resistance bar and does not respawn patrols. This is a client only issue, after a browser refresh everything is working properly again.
  • Daily login bonus Sesterce/resistance points drop does not get count to achievement counter.
  • Used merchandise timer in merchandise window does not display the actual time remaining.
  • Using the “restore down” button in Firefox to decrease and then increase the window size may result in an error.
  • Internet Explorer users may experience Flash player version issues, especially with IE10.
  • External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated.
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome.
  • Game throws an error when trying to complete the achievement “Gaulish Strongmen” (train all villager to level x) – after a game refresh, the achievement can be completed without an error.