Asterix & Friends Update #3

Update Nr. 3 for Asterix & Friends has been released!


  • Sound effect added when player receives a new mail
  • Two more story chapter screens have been implemented. They are triggered by completing quests, level made available at level 20 and 32.
  • More Achievements added. The goals of the new Achievements are more varied and one is a real secret ;).
  • Added 20 new Quests.


  • Resistance Level Up dialog implemented. Rewards can be picked directly after reaching a new Resistance Level. Rewards are no longer sent per mail
  • Market System has been re-worked.
  • Potion Crafting Feature implemented. The village druid offers his services to craft potions for the player. Currently there are two potion types available. The first type replenishes villager strength, the second one allows the player to be more efficient when harvesting straw, stone and wood. Training the druid unlocks better potions.
  • Communication Panel implemented

Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Most Tailor Crafting Recipes received changes. Overall the player requires less flax now to craft tailor items.
  • Villager Strength Bonus (plus one strength for every villager after the first one) is now added. In short players receive now a tiny bit more Resistance Points when fighting Roman Legions.
  • fixed issue where storage/inventory full pop-ups were not displayed in front of the mail dialog (when picking up attachments although you have a full storage/inventory)
  • Several minor text changes, wording, typos
  • Gifts no longer count towards achievements/statistics counter
  • Changed quest objective for quest “Nice and Easy” – new quest objective: defeat 6 patrols; successfully attack 6 legions
  • Fixed issue where receiving legion victory and level up mails simultaneously would result in an error
  • Fixed issue where receiving legion victory and level up mails simultaneously would result in an error
  • Patrol spawn times have been significantly increased, by roughly 30%.
  • Resistance points rewards from patrols and camps have been increased by roughly 50%.

Known Issues

  • [Display issue] Rarely, patrols do not respawn/unyield bar does not reset on the client when legion approaches the village while user is logged into the game
  • Daily login bonus sesterce/resistance points drop does not get count to achievement counter
  • Used merchandise timer in merchandise window does not display the actual time remaining
  • External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated
  • Using the restore down button in Firefox to decrease and then increase the window size may result in an error
  • Internet Explorer users may experience Flash player version issues, especially with IE10
  • [Mail] Rarely, zero attachments displayed when picking up all attachments at once
  • [Browser] Rarely, error #3672 when playing/loading the game in Chrome
  • [Mail] Sometimes unread mail indicator missing
  • Custom achievement mails visible in inbox when completing custom achievements
  • Sometimes mails and/or mail attachments missing
  • Some of the new achievements have not been initiated correctly.
  • Communication Panel is currently being displayed after the daily login bonus.
  • Achievement counter not correct for “train avatar to level x” achievement for existing user.