Asterix & Friends Update 27 – 28.10.2014

Asterix & Friends Event: “The Mysterious Mist”
• Starting: now! – ending: 11th of November 2014 (10:30 AM)
• Complete the challenging quest row and buy new village brawl weapons and building decorations with the currency “glowing substance”!
• Achievement: collect lots of this suspicious glowing substance and we will reward you with Roman Helmets!
• For more information please consult the “Mysterious Mist” FAQ on the forum.

•[Guild buff] fixed issue where the maximum capacity counter in the merchandise window did not include the guild buff effect.
• [Market] fixed issue where it was possible to interact with the market although you had opened the Roman Helmet purchase window in front of it.
• Issues with the new quest row “the great banquet” have been fixed. The quest row is now working as expected.
• [Egypt] You can now collapse the Egypt Palace productivity-meter by clicking on it (only the productivity percentage is displayed).