Asterix & Friends Update 26 – 21.10.2014

• New item offer tab where all active and scheduled item offers are listed. An indicator on the market button was added, showing you when a new item offer becomes active.

• New repeatable quest row from the village chief for high level players: the great banquet! Each time you complete this challenging quest row Asterix comes to your village to help you out and get rid of Romans! But use Asterix’ strength wisely, he will help you only for one fight. The quest can be completed every 8-12 days.
• A another new chief quest for low level players.
• One new achievement: “Loyalty” – players are rewarded with Roman helmets when logging in to Asterix & Friends over a period of 7 days/1 month/3 months.

• Luxury pack now includes a gold bar instead of a gold ore. Pack price has been adjusted accordingly (now 1299 Roman helmets, previously 499 Roman helmets).

• It was possible to get a different druid quest by reloading the game or by travelling between Egypt and Gaul. In rare cases the game picked a different druid quest after accepting the quest. This has been fixed now.
•Fixed display issue when items for the Magic Potion were removed from inventory (red scrolling text displayed double the amount).
• Level bar tooltip no longer displays “0 XP to next level”. Collecting the correct amount of XP will trigger the next level.

Known issues
• External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated (could be the reason why certain quests and/or achievements cannot be completed). This issue might not be visible in the game – the game throws an error when you encounter it.
• Statistics for brawls won and lost (as defender) not correctly displayed in statistics category tab “village brawls”. A game refresh is needed to see the correct PvP defender statistics. Same goes for the PvP achievement: win x brawls as a defender.
• It’s not possible to store more than 20 brawl report mails (+ brawl rewards) in your inbox. Don’t forget to pick up your brawl rewards as soon as possible!
• Constructed outposts in Egypt and in Gaul might not display the correct amount of time left – please refresh your browser once in a while to prevent server-client syncing issues (especially when you are planning to extend the outpost time).
• Sometimes, a quest row quest (Asterix/Obelix quest rows OR “the feast” quest row from the chief) cannot be completed although the client is already showing the rewards. You have to complete all objectives to get the rewards (you can see the objective list in the quest portrait tooltip on the left side).
•One time roman helmet offer that triggers with a level up are not available in the regular roman helmet market. please start the paying process in the dialog that triggers with the level up (to get the bonus roman helmets).
• [Chat] Sometimes, the connection to a specific chat room fails – you have to refresh the game in this case.
• The “building upgrades bought “ statistic of players who have been inactive for a very long time is not correct under certain circumstances. The statistic is counting building upgrades AND completed villager trainings, whereas your own building upgrade statistic is only counting the building upgrades WITHOUT the villager trainings. (the player with the display issue has to log into the game at least once in order to update the building upgrade statistic).
• [Facebook] Facebook share text is does not differentiate between legions attacking you and legions attacking others.
•Sometimes the game throws an error when unloading the cargo ship.
• [Mail] Level up overflow mails are not marked as “unread”.
• It’s possible that 2 legions spawn within a short period of time.
• Issue with delivery of mails: sometimes mails don’t arrive in a player’s inbox right away. This is possible with mails sent by other players, but also with system messages (level up, resistance level reward, etc.).
• Sometimes adding a village to the friends map places it in the same position as another village.
• Windows 8: (IE11) issue with hit area in game when starting the game.
• Windows 8 / Windows 8.1: (IE 11) connection to server fails when playing the game for approx. 5 minutes. We recommend using a different browser (like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).
• Sometimes error #2032 (connection lost) error occurs. We are not sure what’s causing this issue and we have to gather more debug output.
• Sometimes error #3694 occurs when game is running for a while in a different browser tab.
• Under certain circumstances it is possible that the PvP tournament end dialog triggers in the PvP tutorial. This leads to a display issue that might mislead the user in the tutorial.
• [legion] there is a display issue with the legion health removed from legion after the attack when legion gets attacked by 2 or more players simultaneously. The scrolling text may show the sum of the damage of the players that have attacked the legion.
• [legion] we have some server issues when defeating a legion with two players or more simultaneously. Please do not arrange legion “mass-attacks”, we have already gathered enough information on this issue.
• [PvP] info screen missing when you try to buy a champion in the “brawler overview” or in the “defender overview” and you don’t have enough Resistance Points. The confirmation prompt is missing when you have enough points and you try to buy them in the defender and the brawler overview.
• [Facebook] [Kongregate] using mouse wheel to zoom in/out scrolls the complete web page in the facebook client and in the kongregate client.
• [market] item slots with level requirement in new market tab “offers” are not greyed out.
• [market] “inventory full” message triggers when buying food in a bundle and you don’t have enough food storage space.
• [quest] “inventory full” message triggers when you try to pick up food reward from completed quest and you don’t have enough food storage space.
• [chat] issue with chat client scroll bar when changing between chatrooms.
• [outpost] issue with outpost tick timer when constructing more than 2 outposts. The tick countdown shows a negative number. Refresh the game to solve the problem.
•[kongregate client] resizing the browser window does not resize the game. Please refresh the game to get the correct game size (or use the fullscreen mode).

Known issues – guild
• [guild buff] max capacity counter in merchandise dialog does not include the guild buff effect.
• [guild] the sender name of guild level up mails is the guild creator and not the current guild leader.
• [guild buff] the cooldown reduction buff is not displayed in the villager’s tooltip. But we can assure you that it’s still working as expected.
• New guild members who have joined a guild are not visible on the friendsmap right away. Wait a few minutes or refresh the game to see the member on the friendsmap.
• Guild banner, name and invitation setting changes are not immediately effective for other players or guild members. They have to wait a few minutes until the changes are visible on the friendsmap.