Update: End of maintenance

Our servers are back online! Thank you for your patience!

The update fixed the refresh problems that were previously caused by extra drops.
Refresh problems can still appear for other reasons, but overall refresh problems should now occur much less frequently.
Web players (e.g. on the A&F website or Facebook) can start the game as usual and automatically play the new version of the game. Mobile players have to download the update from the respective app store.
Again, due to the time it takes to submit an update, the update for iOS will be made available for download later.

Our developers are now heavily focused on the preparation of the remaster update so that Gardenia and the other new features can be introduced into the game in a little while.
However, bugs will continue to be fixed according to priority, such as the extreme start zoom, the broken logout button and problems that prevent chatting.
We will also take care of the adjustments to the graphics and Centurion Punch requested by the community as soon as possible.

Your Asterix & Friends team