Welcome back – Flower Power weeks!

Dear Gauls!
Many have wished for it, and finally, the time has come – for the first time, a big event will take place in Asterix & Friends Remastered! The “Flower Power” weeks make the start!
For four weeks, the event will offer you the following advantages, some of which will be new:
> Revamped Event Quests – We’ve made every effort to improve the rewards of all event quests. Each quest now earns you twice as much XP, at the same time you also get more (valuable) items as a reward!
> Flowers… and more Flax! – When harvesting wood, straw and stones, flowers will drop for the event period! Also, Flax’s drop rate is significantly increased!
> Event Recipes – You need these free recipes to fulfil the demands of the event quests! After completing the event quests, you can diligently tie more bouquets that you can whack around the ears of your opponents!
> Double tournament points in Village Brawls – For the entire event period, you’ll get double XP from fights in the boxing ring, making tying flowers even more worthwhile!
> Travel: More Secret Messages while hunting boars – Since you can’t get enough, we’re increasing the drop rate of secret messages you can get from Boars!
> Flower Power Achievements – Don’t miss the chance to complete various achievements that you can only complete during the event!
The Flower Power weeks start on Tuesday, June 7 and end on July 5! In order to initiate the beginning and end of the event, server maintenances are necessary, which we will announce separately!

Your Asterix & Friends team