Update 33 – 01/06/2015

Patch 33 EN


  • Safe trade feature – It is now possible to safely trade with other players. The items will be traded automatically when both players agree to trade conditions.


  • added an effect to the cauldron in the Druid Circle in Gaul which is displayed when potions are being crafted or ready to be picked up
  • changed the name of some potions (the effects of the potions were not affected)
  • added 3 new potions: Medium potion of Blocking, Medium potion of Critical Hit and Medium potion of First Strike
  • added 1 additional level for each villager (except the druid)
  • added 80 additional inventory pages, bringing the new maximum to 150 pages
  • added PvP potions and items to the statistics menu


  • various bugfixes and text changes