Update 31 – 27/01/2015

Hello Asterix & Friends community!

Next Tuesday (27/01/2015) we will release Update 31. Therefore, the game will not be available from 10:30 to 13:30 (Central European Time).

Content of Update 31

Winter is over, spring has come
The snow has melted and the Gaulish fields are green again!

New Resistance bar
With the new resistance bar you can now see when a new roman legion will appear near your village. In addition, you can now see exactly how many resistance points you need to reach the next resistance level.

Beautification of Friends Map
The friends map has been revised with a nicer background and new village symbols.

Village brawl: changes to the rewards and duration of the tournament
The duration of the village brawl tournament will be reduced to 1 month. In addition, the tournament rewards have been increased and expanded. This also applies to the guild tournament.

Village brawl potion event
With Update 31 there will be a brawl potion event. When you win a fight against patrols or legions you might get lucky and receive some village brawl potions. The event will run until Update 32. You can find more details on our events forum .

Village brawl rankings: Changes to the reduction of points
Adjustments have been made to the reduction of points at the end of a tournament. Players will not be lose as many points as was originally announced. A detailed list of how the new point reduction system will work will be provided with the upcoming patch notes.

Various bug fixes
As usual, the full patch notes will be posted in the corresponding forum.

With best regards,
Your Asterix & Friends team