Transfer of game data of Asterix & Friends to gameXcite GmbH

Dear Gauls,

from March 1st on we, the gameXcite GmbH, have taken over operation of Asterix & Friends and we have big plans for the future that include new features and content. However, to lay the groundwork and due to the ending support of the Adobe Flash technology, our focus for the upcoming months is on re-developing the game client with the Unity Engine.

To ensure the smooth operation of the game, the game data have to be transferred to gameXcite GmbH. Insofar as personal data according to art 4 nr 1 General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is being transmitted, it is being done so based on art 6 para 1 lit f) GDPR with the sole purpose of ensuring legitimate interest to keep the game running by us.

The game can be accessed as usual with your regular login data (e.g. via Browser) after agreeing to the gameXcite GmbH terms of service while retaining all premium items, saved games, etc.:
gameXcite terms and conditions:
gameXcite privacy policy:

If you are playing the game via our website please also note the following:

According to art 21 para 1 GDPR, you can object to the transfer of your personal data. If you do not wish your data to be transferred, you can object by contacting until March 30th, 2020. In this case logging into your game account will be no longer possible.

In order to keep playing Asterix & Friends you will need to reset your password at the first login after April 1st 2020. For this you will need access to your email address that has been used to register your account. Should you no longer have access to this email, please change it accordingly until March 30th. You will find information how to do this in our support section under