Server change notes – Performance improvements & neutral 100% stuck resolved!

Dear Gauls!

We thank you for your patience regarding the connection issues of the past weeks! Today, we made server changes with the following effects:

Significant performance improvements – “Refresh” should now appear less frequently! Also, the Journey chapters should appear faster in the overview! There are more performance improvements to come, as well as a global compensation – we hope for your patience!

Neutral 100% stuck resolved – Players don’t need to be afraid anymore to lose their whole progress after dropping one reputation stage in the Journeys mini game. You also won’t get stuck in Neutral 100% anymore. If you see 100% Neutral in a country instead of your old reputation now, please complete a chapter in the affected country. This will let you regain your reputation. Depending on what stage your old reputation was, you may need to complete more chapters and restart the game.

You already dropped in reputation before the changes and contacted our support? Please reply to your old support request and inform the support team if the steps helped you to gain reputation back or not.

Your Asterix & Friends team