Release Notes Unity version 11.01.2021

Missing features:

– Centurion punch
– Race through Italy


– It may happen that certain texts in the game get displayed in English despite German or French language setting

Performance / Connection:
– You may encounter lags when clicking buttons, collecting rewards, collecting resources etc.
– Sometimes after playing for a long time, things like collecting sesterce or food, hunting boars etc. don’t work anymore; please reload the game. You should get the “Refresh”-message, but please reload your browser tab via the refresh-button in the browser tool bar.
– There is no automatic logout after a while
– Logout-Button doesn’t work at the moment
– An error message might appear in the loading screen and the game stops loading. Please try it in another browser.
– Facebook Gameroom is currently not working

– Village Map / Egypt: You can zoom in too close and can’t zoom out enough
– Friendsmap: The camera is too far zoomed in

– You may encounter various graphical glitches
– Colored Outlines (when hovering over objects) still include the object’s shadow. If the avatar is standing in front of the object, it will cover the avatar while being hovered over. The outlines are too thin.
– Interface elements, icons, and pop-up graphics are not scaled properly yet. Also, they are pixelated. –
– Village icons on friends map are pixelated.
– It might happen that two village icons on your friends map overlap
– Some special effects are still missing or don’t work properly
– Some animations are still missing or don’t work properly
– Quest pointers may occur in wrong places

– When hovering over objects the tooltips are too big and displaced. It may occur that they cover objects, buttons or get cut off by the screen.

Sound / Music:
– Click-Sound sounds weird at the moment.
– Some other sound effects are still missing or don’t work properly

– Whispering doesn’t work right now
– Usernames in chat don’t get displayed correctly right now
– Guild Chat is missing
– It might happen that the chat isn’t working at all for some players.

– When harvesting resources too fast, the animation could get stuck. Afterward Pointandclix can’t move and you have to reload the game

– After upgrading the butcher and using Roman Helmets to finish the upgrade, the game crashes the next time you collect sesterce from the butcher. Workaround: Reload game/browser tab after the crash

– Fights may get stuck and go on indefinitely. Please reload in this case

– If the brawl doesn’t show any opponents please reload

– When clicking on daily special offers (food) it duplicates the market tab buttons. Reload to fix this.
– Sometimes, after purchasing something in the market, you need to reload the game to get the item

Treasure Chest:
– Game crashes when you hover over the red “close” button (x)

– While traveling to Egypt you may encounter graphical glitches on the World Map
– It may happen that you get stuck in the traveling process (Gaul – Egypt). Please reload and try again.
– If Egyptian workers don’t offer any quests, please reload.
– It may happen that, after the effect of the magic potion is over, the avatar is still marked as “undefeatable” and the battle screen shows “100%”. Also when hovering over the avatar the tooltip shows “Magic Potion: 1 use(s)”. You need to reload to fix this issue.
– The message from Edifis about the palace in danger of collapsing is – apart from the subject – completely empty.
– After Edifis first quest “Welcome to Egypt” the player should get a short text tutorial when clicking at the palace. It doesn’t pop up right now, but you can open it manually by clicking on the ?-Button