PVP Season 1: Battle of the chiefs


The newly introduced Player-vs-Player mode (PVP) “Battle of the chiefs“ will be celebrated within a big tournament. Players are no longer limited to just beating up Romans, they may now also compete with other players in sporting competition. For the start, fantastic prizes from Razer await the players!

There’ll be a raffle for these prizes among all participants:

  1. Ranking 1-10: 1x Razer Naga – Get Imba + Goliathus MousePad 
  2. Ranking 11-30: 1x Razer Kraken Pro 
  3. Ranking 31-100: 5x Razer Gun Camou

The winners from each ranking will be drawn randomly once season #1 has finished (09/17-10/01/2013) and be notified via ingame message!

Good luck!