Login issues – Info about the current situation

Dear Gauls!
As many of you might know through our older posts and in-game messages, Asterix & Friends have been affected by login issues over the past weeks.
The reasons for the login issues are “attacks” on one of our service providers. Our stored data isn’t in danger.
Since we weren’t able to fix the issue with our measures yet, players will still find it difficult or not possible to log in to the game due to the “504 gateway timeout” or a “refresh” in the loading screen for periods of time (like yesterday, from 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm CEST).
As mentioned in a past post, it’s from the highest priority for us to fix the login issues. All parties involved are working on a next, complex but time-consuming measure that is meant to resolve the login issues permanently.
Again, we hope for your patience and apologize that our first measures weren’t successful. Compensation will be sent when the login issues have finally been resolved.
We stick with our plan to release new game content on the test server and an update for the iOS A&F app soon. We assure you that this work doesn’t steal any time for the team that is working on fixing the login issues or any other important issue that affects players.
Your Asterix & Friends team