News on Asterix & Friends

Dear Gauls!

We were recently able to find a fix for a bug where affected villages were not assigned opponents in the boxing ring and therefore couldn’t brawl.
Therefore, we ask players whose villages are currently affected by the described issue to contact our support team:

Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to inform all players that we continue to work on fixing bugs in the game and making improvements. In particular, the bug that prevents further progress in the Journey mini-game and a Facebook loading issue for iOS players are high priorities for us.
The missing guild chat history as well as problems with Centurion Punch need to be fixed, too. We hope to be able to release an update soon that fixes the problems mentioned. But we also want to resolve the remaining problems as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience!

Also, we’ll be making an announcement for Asterix & Friends very soon, which we’re sure will make some players happy. We won’t reveal too much at this point, but be excited!

Your Asterix & Friends team