New version of the web launcher available!

Dear Gauls,
a new version of the Asterix&Friends Xsolla launcher is available! If you already installed the launcher, you just need to restart it – the launcher will update itself. It is still possible to play the Flash version of Asterix&Friends via the launcher.
The new download link is:
Unfortunately, the web launcher doesn’t support 32-bit Windows systems.
We advise players, in particular those who receive an error message when loading the game and therefore cannot play Asterix&Friends, to use the launcher until we’ve found a solution.
Important: Facebook players need to have their usual Facebook village swapped with a village that has been registered in the launcher or on the website by our support team. The ” Facebook Login ” button in the launcher creates a village of the web version with Facebook login credentials instead of allowing you to log in with a village of the Facebook version!
For the swap, Facebook players need to contact the support team with the names or IDs of their Facebook village and the website village, either via mail to or via the ticket form: (click on “Submit a request” in the top right corner).

Your Asterix & Friends Team