New build version (Remaster_Minigame_V3)!

Dear Gauls,

the test server is back online! Additionally, we have installed a new build on the test server! This build aims to fix most of the punch bugs of the last build version.

– Miles should now be counted correctly.
– The miles counted during the flight, the arrow, and the centurion should now be in sync with each other.
– The distance of a throw should now be influenced by “boost items” as usual.
– After clicking “Land now!” the centurion should now land with the usual delay.
– The game should now register whether a bullseye has been landed (there may be no notification). – The rewards should now correspond to the segment in which a centurion lands.
– The flight behavior of centurions has been adjusted.
– The transition from land to water should now happen without delay according to the segments.

We ask you to test Centurion Punch intensively! Please inform us about errors and problems that occurred while playing!
The community tests will speed up our work on an improved build for the LIVE servers.
Please use the form provided for error reports:
You can share your reports that include screenshots on Discord under #beta.
Delete cache and cookies to make sure that your browser loads the new build!

Your Asterix & Friends Team