Journey – Notice

Dear Gauls!

We apologize for the issues that arose after today’s maintenance!

We removed some of the changes made in today’s maintenance. This is an intermediate step for the actual fix, which we are currently intensely working on.

Please note (!):
All players who have not yet experienced a drop in reputation can continue playing Journeys as usual.
– Players who are stuck in 100% Neutral after today’s maintenance and may have completed a chapter, please contact the support team:
These players please check how many reputation points are currently displayed in Britain/Hispania.
– Players who were stuck in a country at 100% neutral before today’s maintenance will now remain at that level because the maintenance changes are no longer active.

We’ll announce when we’ve fixed the bug that was causing the post-maintenance issues. Subsequently, all players who were affected by the reputation drop will receive a message from the support team as soon as possible in order to restore the old reputation in the affected countries and to credit an individual compensation.

We are sorry that the maintenance caused any inconvenience. As soon as we have news, we will inform all players. We thank you for your patience and understanding!

Your Asterix & Friends team