Idle Asterix – Early Access!

Dear Gauls!

We’re excited to announce that the Android version of Idle Asterix is now available in Early Access for selected countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA, and Canada

Early Access means that the work on the game is not yet fully completed and therefore the game contains some bugs.

That’s what Idle Asterix is about: Idefix was kidnapped by the Romans! To save him you must manage your village, mine resources and upgrade Gauls like Asterix and Obelix so you can face the Romans!

You can find the game in the Playstore, either type in “Idle Asterix” in the search bar or use this link:

As part of this announcement, we would like to thank the many beta testers who provided feedback to help us improve Idle Asterix!
If you have any criticism or suggestions for Idle Asterix, please use the “Idle Asterix” section on our Discord server:
You can also find the link on our website under “Community”.

Your Asterix & Friends team