FAQ – New tournament system


There now is a total amount of 15 leagues. Each one has its own trophy (gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood), which is separated into 3 sub-leagues (e.g. gold 1, gold 2, gold 3), which is indicated by the number on the trophy.

leagues overview EN

Only active users, who have won/lost a fight as attacker at least once, take part in the ongoing tournament and therefore get a trophy and rewards, according to the league, at the end of the tournament.


The classification is conducted by percentage distribution of all actively participating users in the tournament (see “user distribution” in the table above).

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I get tournament end rewards when I’ve only won/lost village brawls as defender?
No. Players who are not actively attacking another village are not ranked in the ongoing tournament and don’t get rewards, but they are still displayed in the leagues (trophy icon is missing – see screenshot).


Example in Screenshot: Village_592, Gernix, Bixbox and Boxingo are not in the tournament and don’t get the reward (the trophy icon is missing)

Q: What is the meaning of the colored arrows in the ranking screen?
With every ranking update (every day 4:30 a.m.) the leaderboard updates the player rank positions and compares your old rank with the new rank.

Icon Explanation:
-you have earned points and reached a higher rank position. Great!
-you have lost points and your rank position. Equip your brawlers with weapons and climb up to the top!
-you are on the same rank position as before, nothing has changed…

Q: What happens to my score when a tournament ends?
A: As before, every tournament lasts for 14 days, however at the end of each tournament there won’t be a reset of your placement. Your score and rank within a league are saved, which allows you to ascend, or even descend as you lose points if a brawl is lost.

Q: Who are the top players?
A: The top players are shown in the “Top players” leaderboard. These players have reached the gold 1 league and have the highest score on the server.

Q: Where can I see the rank of my friends?
A: On the leaderboard you can track your tournament progress as well as the progress of your friends. Click on the “Friends” tab to see the progress of your friends across ALL leagues.


Each entry lists the name of the player, the score, the league and the rank within the league and additionally, if their rank position has changed.